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Download: KEINHEIMATFILM - Welcome to Germany- English

Download: KEINHEIMATFILM - Welcome to Germany- English
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English A film by Susanna Wüstneck Documentary (2018), 75 min. Video file in mp4 format ,... mehr
Produktinformationen "Download: KEINHEIMATFILM - Welcome to Germany- English"

A film by Susanna Wüstneck
Documentary (2018), 75 min.

Video file in mp4 format, 2018
Movie: 75 Min., colour
Language: English
Resolution: 1024 x 576 (default)
Video format: 16:9
File size: 2.46 GB

The documentary film "KEINHEIMATFILM" gives an exemplary insight into the life situation of fugitives in Germany. It portrays an emergency shelter and its inhabitants in Nottuln in Münsterland. The film does without any commentary and leaves the authentic voices to the people who have come to us.

After an often extremely arduous and life-threatening journey, refugees from very different countries of origin arrive in a small town in the Münsterland region. An old school, a grey concrete house with classrooms, an auditorium, a large entrance area, a cafeteria, preparation rooms and everything that belongs to a school serve as emergency accommodation. Here the stranded people wait for their next transfer. None of these people knows what and whom they will meet in this house, when the next transfer will be, where they will go and what awaits them in the new place.

Sebastian Schlösser is the manager of the house - a warm-hearted, organized young man. He and his colleagues are contact persons for the concerns of the residents, take care of the organisation and provide medical care.

A teacher initiative offers German lessons, while other volunteers knit or sing with them. The former classrooms are available as living rooms and in order to preserve a little privacy, the bunk beds in the rooms are hung with cloths.

After some time you can feel how life in the house is changing: New relationships emerge and friendships are made; sometimes there are arguments and fierce arguments. Security staff are in the house around the clock to ensure security and prevent escalations.

The fact that all residents must experience and share the uncertainty of their future careers together creates a sense of community. They all sit together (again) 'in the same boat'.

So the inhabitants spend the days together in the camp. They celebrate their traditional celebrations and invite the staff of the house to join them. They experience the weaknesses and strengths of their helpers from their own personal point of view. Every once in a while some of the residents are allowed to move on and get out of sight.

The camera always remains very close to the action and shows the spontaneous moments, the motives of flight, difficulties and moments of happiness, the attachment to the homeland, fears, impatience and despair, the acceptance of fate and gratitude.

The filmmaker, the employees and helpers soon become part of this colourful microcosm themselves.

Once the date for the last transfer from the house has become known, it is very clear that a new phase of life will begin for everyone. 


  • Director:                           
    Susanna Wüstneck
  • Editing:                             
    Stefanie Trambow, Susanna Wüstneck
  • Camera and sound:       
    Susanna Wüstneck
  • Sound editing:                
    Guenther Leifeld-Strikkeling
  • Color Correction:           
    Christopher Dillig
  • Graphic Design:              
    Nathalie Guilbaud

The film has now been shown at various film festivals and has received several awards.

This article is also available as a download in German.
This article is also available as a download in German with subtitles for the hearing impaired.


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